Blitzen Trapper's Live Performances

    June 20, 2001  The Sounds of Garmonbozia
  KBOO Radio Appearance; Portland, OR
  FM Broadcast	39 minutes 35 seconds
  MP3			 47M  MD5: aa2870a55b71e460a1c976627909d5aa
  Compressed WAV audio	263M  MD5: a1319f1e755d551dec473899387d2f5e

    July 20, 2001  If Anyone Is Listening...
  KPSU Radio Appearance; Portland, OR
  Soundboard	1 hour 10 seconds	  MD5
  01. The Checker and the Thieving Magpie 58M	Vorbis  12M
  02. The Clown				  82M	Vorbis  16M
  03. KGWT				  39M	Vorbis 7.9M
  04. Dream of Swimming			  32M	Vorbis 6.3M
  05. Sun Disappear			  31M	Vorbis 6.9M
  06. Pink Padded Slippers		  42M	Vorbis   8M
  07. El Nueve				  36M	Vorbis 6.7M
  08. Lover in Tow			  25M	Vorbis 4.5M

December 19, 2001  Did Everyone Get Their Pez?
  KBOO Radio Appearance; Portland, OR
  FM Broadcast	39 minutes 50 seconds
  MP3			 46M  MD5: dca7e8d9fddae4a39456974f370c163f
  Compressed WAV audio	243M  MD5: ba7659ed02f9dbf6d008b57ccb2e26bd

   April 12, 2002  Tell Them About the Massage!
  KPSU Radio Appearance; Portland, OR
  AM Broadcast	38 minutes 54 seconds
  MP3			 36M  MD5: 97008df92867279d06c526ab4258c2b7
  Compressed WAV audio	182M  MD5: 5d2942f85af0f6ba4f7db653bcc49c38

December 27, 2002  A·cid M·odulation
  KPSU Radio Appearance; Portland, OR
  Soundboard	47 minutes 46 seconds	  MD5
  01. Beard of Stars			  24M	Vorbis 4.6M
  02. The Checker & the Thieving Magpie	  25M	Vorbis 4.7M
  03. Apple Trees			  23M	Vorbis 4.4M
  04. All Girl Team			  24M	Vorbis 4.4M
  05. The Butcher->Linda->vignette	  35M	Vorbis 6.5M
  06. Llorando Vaya->Milk's coda->Texaco  44M	Vorbis 8.4M
  07. Soon->vignette->1979		  33M	Vorbis 6.8M
  08. Traviesita...Zoo_Shoes		  34M	Vorbis 6.2M
  09. Queen For A Day			  22M	Vorbis 3.8M
  AM Broadcast	34 minutes 26 seconds	  MD5
  01. le Trees				 5.3M	Vorbis 949k
  02. All Girl Team			  15M	Vorbis 2.4M
  03. The Butcher->Linda->vignette	  28M	Vorbis 4.6M
  04. Llorando Vaya->Milk's coda->Texaco  36M	Vorbis 6.0M
  05. Soon->vignette->1979		  27M	Vorbis 4.7M
  06. Traviesita...Zoo_Shoes		  27M	Vorbis 4.5M
  07. Queen For A Day			  16M	Vorbis 2.7M

December 02, 2003  Strap It On
  KPSU Radio Appearance; Portland, OR
  AM Broadcast	52 minutes 28 seconds	  MD5
  01. Cunning Revolution		  18M	Vorbis 2.8M
  02. Cracker Went Down			 7.3M	Vorbis 1.1M
  03. 40 Stripes			  17M	Vorbis 2.8M
  04. Asleep for Days			  15M	Vorbis 2.5M
  05. Lux and Shopper			  15M	Vorbis 2.5M
  06. Triggafinger			  21M	Vorbis 3.5M
  07. Leopard's Will To Live		  15M	Vorbis 2.4M
  08. Concrete Heaven			  27M	Vorbis 4.5M
  09. All Girl Team			  16M	Vorbis 2.5M
  10. Texaco				  19M	Vorbis 3.2M
  11. Ansel and Emily DeSader		 9.9M	Vorbis 1.6M
  12. Christmas Is Coming Soon		  13M	Vorbis 2.1M
  13. Donkie Boy			  16M	Vorbis 2.4M

The files here compressed with the flac utility are 16bit 44.1KHz 2-channel audio, and if decompressed, have been sector aligned for ease of burning to a compact disc. FLAC is open source software comprised of utilties for lossless compression, decompression, and playback of digital audio, and is available for several operating systems. Ogg Vorbis, on the other hand, is a lossy compression format which retains high quality sound even with greatly reduced storage requirements, great for previewing, internet streaming, etc.

Enjoy the music, and don't forget to visit Il Sito Ufficiale del Gruppo.