ifjunk - my dot-qmail friendly interface to the spambayes project's libraries
Unlike it doesn't make the mistake of attempting to do Maildir delivery itself.

Zope 2 Products

Note: I'm no longer maintaining these. I completely gave up on Zope as a sustainable publishing framework in late 2004; the platform has security and performance problems that the community isn't interested in addressing, so I've moved on. If you want to take either of them on, mail me, and I'd be happy to hand them off.

MemoryCache - an efficient and flexible "in-memory" cache manager
8741 bytes · md5: 6faafda9fcf5445733c7b1433283c75e
v0.9 20030601
first public release
requires Python 2.2, and an enhanced OFS.Cache implementation
ExpansionTree - an alternate tool set for making tree-like widgets
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v1.1 20040120
ISO-8859-1 source code converted to ASCII (PEP263)
requires Python 2.2 or newer
v1.0 20030813
new simplified API (not backwards compatible with v0.9)
added more examples and documentation
Exp 20030207
interim testing release of a new simplified API
v0.9 20021003
first public release