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There is some duplication in this archive, some schematics show up multiple times in various formats. I know about it, you don't need to mail me, I don't plan on fixing it right now, down the road yes - but not right now.
1987pow.gif Marshall 1987 Output Stage & PSU
1987pre.gif Marshall 1987 Preamp
2204pre.gif Marshall 2204 Preamp
2205pow.gif Marshall 2205 Output Stage & PSU
2205pre.gif Marshall 2205 Preamp
2210pow.gif Marshall 2210 Output Stage & PSU
2550.gif Marshall 2550
2550pow.gif Marshall 2550 PSU Simple 3 Band Tone Control PAiA 4 Band EQ, 35Hz to 15kHz range Angry Beard 3 PCB Angry Beard 3, germanium fuzz pedal PAiA Axe Grinder, distortion pedal
b_gsynth.pdf EH Guitar & Bass Microsynth Fender Bassman 5F6 (Tweed) Tube Amp Dan Armstrong Blue Clipper, distortion pedal EH Big Muff Pi, distortion pedal
biphase.gif Bi-Phaser
bl_delux.gif Fender Blues Deluxe Boss Slow Gear SG-1, attack delay effect 2 Frequency Brighteners EH Bass Microsynth, page 1 EH Bass Microsynth, page 2 EH Bass Microsynth, page 3 Ultra-Clean 9VDC Power Supply Gretsch Controfuzz, distortion pedal Dunlop Cry Baby Wah-wah pedal DOD Compressor 280A DOD Envelope Filter 440 DOD FX25 Flanger DOD Overdrive 250 Dual Preamp & A/B Box Roland Double Beat, fuzz wah EH 16 Second Digital Delay, partial 5 EH Tone Boosters EH Fuzz-Wah (volume too) Electra Distortion, guitar overdrive module 10 Band Graphic EQ
fbassman.gif Fender Bassman Fender Blender, fuzz pedal
fchamp.gif Fender Champ 12
fndr60a.gif Fender 60, page 1
fndr60b.gif Fender 60, page 2 Foxx Fuzz-Wah
fstudio85.gif Fender Studio 85 Unknown fuzz pedal Unknown fuzz pedal Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face Guitar Effects Unit, octaver fuzz pedal Dan Armstrong Green Ringer, pseudo ring modulator EH Guitar Microsynth, page 1 EH Guitar Microsynth, page 2 EH Guitar Microsynth, page 3 Harmonic Sweetener
ibnzbe10.gif Ibanez BE10, 7 Band EQ
ibnzpt90.gif Ibanez PT90, phase shifter Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer, distortion pedal
j9po1002.gif Marshall JCM900 100W Power Amp
j9pow100.gif Marshall JCM900 100W Power Amp
j9pow50.gif Marshall JCM900 50W Power Amp
j9pr_mv2.gif Marshall JCM900 Master Volume Preamp
j9pre_mv.gif Marshall JCM900 Master Volume Preamp
jcm900du.gif Marshall JCM900 Dual Reverb Preamp Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Face Jordan Boss-Tone
jordan_bosstone.gifJordan Boss-Tone JSH Fuzz, model FZII Kay Tremolo Model T-1
korgngt1.gif Korg NGT-1 Noise Gate
korgoct1.gif Korg OCT-1 Octaver
korgpeq1.gif Korg PEQ-1 Parametric EQ
korgphs1.gif Korg PHS-1 Phase Shifter
korgtnb1.gif Korg TNB-1 Tone Booster EH Little Big Muff, distortion pedal Maestro Fuzz
marshal1.gif Marshall 2205 Preamp
marshal2.gif Marshall 2205 Output Stage & PSU
marshal_1.gif Marshall 2205 Preamp
marshal_2.gif Marshall 2205 Output Stage & PSU Maestro Boomerang, wah-wah Maestro Boomerang 2, wah-wah & volume Mosrite Fuzz-Rite, distortion pedal
mmrd50b.gif Music Man RD-50 Amplifier PAiA Motion Filter/Follower Modified Tube Sound Fuzz
mu-tron3.jpg Mutron Mu-Tron III EH Muff Fuzz
mxrdistp.jpg MXR Distortion + MXR Distortion + MXR Hot Tubes Oberheim PS-1 Phase Shifter
octavia.bmp Bob Starr's Octavia Olson New Sound Orange 125 MK III Amplifier
ormkii.gif Orange MK II Amplifier G. Forrest Cook's Voltage Controlled Panner ProCo Rat Distortion ProCo Rat Distortion Type B Pipebomb, silly tone modifier 3 Simple Preamp Circuits
purple.gif The Purple Pedal, distortion pedal Gibson RD-Artist
reverb.gif Spring Reverb Driver/Reciever Stage Center Reverb Unit (spring) Marshall Shredmaster Simple Mixer EH Small Stone Phaser Issue J EH Soul Preacher, compressor EM Stereo Spreader Theremin Information sheet Theremin PCB layout Theremin Schematic Everyday Electronics Tone Booster 2 Tone Control Circuits Controllable Tremolo Circuit Tube Distortion Pedal PAiA TubeHead Preamp PAiA Tube Mic Preamp
uniflash.bmp Bob Starr's UniVibe Lamp Flasher Circuit Unicord UniVibe R.G. Keen's UniVibe check plot Lamp Version R.G. Keen's UniVibe overlay Lamp Version R.G. Keen's UniVibe PCB layout Lamp Version R.G. Keen's UniVibe check plot LED Version R.G. Keen's UniVibe overlay LED Version R.G. Keen's UniVibe PCB layout LED Version Vox Tone Bender Vox Treble Booster