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News · November 29th 2003

No news is good news.

Maintained here...
  1. The Curious Reversion
    a hysterical diatribe on distortion
  2. Electro-Harmonix Parts Sheet
    house names for components used in old Electro-Harmonix pedals
Maintained elsewhere...
  1. Guitar Effects FAQ
    R.G. Keen's indispensable resource for DIY enthusiasts
  2. Tube Amp FAQ
    R.G. Keen's guide to building, maintaining, and modifying tube amplifiers for musical instruments
  3. Transistor Designations
    the FAQ entry on transistor identification as augmented by Sam Goldwasser
In 1993, when I first got involved with music electronics, there really wasn't a large selection of relevant content to choose from on the Internet. Back then a list of hyperlinks on any given subject was actually capable of being canonical. That sure isn't the case anymore. Here's a list of places to go to get you started...
Analog Music Zone guitar effects design, audio projects, schematics
Analogue Heaven a mailing list for people interested in playing, collecting, modifying, and designing analog musical equipment
GEO: The Guitar Effects Oriented Web Page R.G. Keen's web site, if you visit only one other site on this topic, make it this one
Ampage tube amps and music electronics
Michael McCorquodale's Home Page vacuum tube audio electronics including SPICE simulation
Power Press books and more devoted to custom guitar amplification
General Electronics
Analog Devices datasheets, application notes, and whitepapers on AD's semiconductors
Clairex makers of the infamous CLM6000
Intersil Intersil, formerly Harris Semiconductor
Texas Instruments datasheets, applications notes, etc. for both TI components and those formerly made by Burr-Brown
Instrument Building
Guild of American Luthiers world wide organization for stringed instrument builders
Musical Instrument Makers Forum online forum for traditional and experimental instrument building
aNaLoG.MaN vintage effects and schematics for sale
Digi-Key mail order components, and an online catalog
Len Galasso's Home Page SPICE simulations and schematics for various audio projects
PAiA kits for quite a few high-quality music electronics projects
Rane technical papers about audio electronics
Electronotes Newsletter An "irregular serial" of information pertaining to synthesis thats been running since 1972.
Ken Stone's Modular Synth synthesizer design, tube electronics
Synthfool synthesizer schematics, photos, memorabilia, and parts
R.G. Keen, Dean Aldridge, Tim Stanley, Tommy Spradlin, John Slaney, Craig Anderton, Fabian Hartery, Nathan Stewart, Forrest Cook, Robert Scott, Roger Howse, Michael Haertl, Ruurd Jan Ross, Rick Barker, Tomy Hudson, Alan Kensley, Richard Hult, Rob Peterson, Terry Sitts, A. Rohde, John and the folks at PAiA, Craig O'Donnell, Andrew Roberts, Steve Barbera, Andreas Radke, W. Cecil, Tom Mulhern and all at Guitar Shop Magazine, Patrick-Gilles Maillot, Jerome Oliver, Dave Allard, Miikkali Leppihalme, John Cirillo, A.J.H. Visschedijk, Alan N., Jeff Plewes, José María Cerezo, and all the other fine people who helped make this page what it is and for taking the time to give me oodles of information about all this stuff. Also thanks to everyone who has showed interest in this endeavor, its good to know you're out there.
All comments, questions, ideas, etc. are welcome.