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Some time ago R.G. Keen came across this beauty; it elucidates a few of the house naming schemes employed by Electro-Harmonix and can really help if you're trying to trace an older (1970s) pedal made by them.

Electro-Harmonix Parts

EH Model #Manufacturer's #Description
TR 001078Ll5voltage regulator
TR 0020BC309 or 2N5087transistor
TR 0030BC239 or 2N5088transistor
TR 00402N3055transistor
TR 00502N5235transistor
TR 01202N4908transistor, pup, TO-3
TR 01302N6110power transistor
TR 01507815voltage regulator, 3-term, 15v
TR 01602N4302FET VP 1.3-1.8v
TR 01702N4302FET VP 1.81-2.2v
TR 01802N4302FET VP 2.21-3.0v
TR 01902N4302FET VP 1.3-3.0v
PO 030U26010k trim pot
PO 150XM2184100k linear pot
PO 160CR2852100k CW log pot
PO 170CA9064100k CCW log pot
PO 210BM57142M CCW log pot
PO 220XR3163100k linear pot
PO 2308677A100k linear slide pot
PO 240987877k-11k dual pot
PO 270CM42059100k linear pot
PO 300S6059171M dual pot
PO 325DB5648100k linear pot
XE 001034VDC45MACT1559transformer (European)
XE 002042VDC1.1A596P11transformer (European)
LO 10731073overload bulb
SM 0180driver nut
SM 0190driver tube connector
HO 620SJ5025square rubber feet
KN 00101400Rblack knob w/ set screw
KN 00201470Ablack knob
KN 00309135lustre cap (white)
IC 0020LM324NDIP 14 pin IC
IC 0030LM339DIP 14 pin IC
IC 0040NE570DIP 16 pin IC
IC 0050LM741DNDIP 8 pin IC
IC 0060741HCcan 8 pin IC
IC 0070EH92214 pin IC
IC 0080SAD1024AReticon DIP IC
IC 0090EH1048DIP 8 pin IC (purportedly a CA3094)
IC 0100MC1458NDIP 8 pin IC
IC 0110CA3080can 8 pin IC
IC 0120CA3098EDIP 8 pin IC
IC 0130530JHcan 10 pin IC
IC 0140CD4009UBEDIP 16 pin IC
IC 0150SCL4013BEDIP 14 pin IC